Welcome to the Magic-Innovations page! We specialize in technical event management, creation of video content, development and implementation of innovative solutions, rent projection equipment, led screens, media servers,  creation and building decorations. We work on the market since 2008. Solutions, that we are offering, have been already realized on wast amount of our events for clients and partners. More details on the video below! Portfolio consists 100% out of OUR work.


What you think about when you hear phrases like: 3D-mapping, hologram, projection show or 3D animation creation? Among our innovative capabilities: video projection and augmented reality, creation of full 3D enviorments and character animation, interactive hologram. 

Short review about main concepts in projection installations field:

3D-mapping(aka 3D video mapping or just mapping): video projection onto a detailed real world object, that creates an illusion of it transforming. The most popular mapping type is architectural mapping onto a building. Mapping object could be nearly anything: decorations, buildings or other architectural form, interior objects, car, etc. 360 degree projection is especialy interesting, projected onto a round panaramic surface or inside of buildings. Animated content reveals geometrical forms and properties of the object on which it is projected. Also car-mapping is really interesting. Using special software, we place our content right onto the forms of the actual car, what allows to bring it to life, show it transform and change in different fashions. Even bigger effect occurs when we also add projection onto decorations behind the car, so it interects with video content on the car.

Hologram. Projection hologram – is rather an optical illusion of a hologram effect. There are two types of hologram: creation of the image via flip-projection method or an actual character animation and projecting it via a system of reflective, refrective and transparent screens. Also interesting solution is to add hologram controls input from touch-screen devices, such as iPhones, iPads, etc. 

Water projection (aka water screen, pool projection). Basicaly idea is to project video content onto a water-screen, using beautiful properties of water-light interactions. It is comon to see animated characters with amazing wave effects.

Laser show. Some people call 3D-mapping a simple light-show, which is not 100% wrong, but still. Laser-shows, or 3D laser-show is an absolutly wrong statement, because equipment which is used to creat the projection is a projector, not a laser. If you're so into using the "3D" part and afraid of the "mapping" part - it is better to call it 3D projection show.

Video content. Video or an animated character, logo which was created for the project. Could be created with a variety of methods: 3D animation, 2D graphic, video recording, stop motion technology, as well as interactive animation of 3D models via KInekt.

Museum interactive installations, club video installations, interactive hologram, video show control, transparent screen, interactive screens, dome projection, sphare projections, create video content etc